Resembling its “mother tongue,” pastoral care lies at the heart of church work. Education and training for pastoral care aims to promote language skills in this “mother tongue”. It extends these skills in order to understand people, to guide and strengthen them in their vitality and hope.

Therefore, the Pastoral Seminary of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM) offers courses to all those providing people with pastoral care on a full-time, part-time or volunteer basis. On offer are short courses with specific thematic content as well as courses on Clinical Pastoral Education (DGfP/KSA).
Thus far, the EKM Pastoral Seminary has been active on two locations. From 1973 on, it was housed in the former church EKKPS on the Lafontainestraße in Halle. In 1991, it commenced its work in the former Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thuringia; finally, from 1998-2001 on in the Sophienhaus in Weimar as part of the Diaconal Foundation Weimar-Lobenstein.

In the newly founded Pastoral Seminary, in House 51 of the Francke Foundations, this work is now set forth together on a site rich in tradition.