Accommodation: Information as to accommodation facilities is available at the telephone numbers (0345) 21 27 400 and (0345) 21 27 440.

Acquisition requests can be submitted on forms available at the Reading Room desk.

Bibliographical apparatus: General bibliographies, bibliographical reference books and library catalogues are located in the Catalogue Room (House 23); subject bibliographies in the open access area of the Reading Room (House 22). The bibliographical apparatus as part of the Reference Library primarily serves to determine literature absent from the library.

The cafeteria is located in House 23.

Catalogues and Finding Aids of the Archive
Online catalogues:
Online catalogues of the archive can be accessed via the link online research from the main website of the Study Center.
Card catalogues and finding aids:
Alphabetical author and recipient index, spatial and chronological index to the main archive
Finding aids for the Economic and Administrative Archive, the Francke Estate, the main Archive, the Mission Archive, the Deposita Tholuck Archive and the Kähler Estate
Alphabetical author and recipient catalogue of the Mission Archives
Alphabetical recipient catalogue of the Tholuck Archive
Systematic search index for the Archive of Construction Drawings (Planarchiv), the School Archive and the Press Archive

Catalogues of the Library
Online Catalogues:
Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC): Titles from 1910 on and later are fully recorded. Earlier literature is constantly updated. German printed works dating from between 1700 and 1799 as well as the special collections entitled “Publisher Library of the Orphanage Publishing House,” “Mission Library of the East India Mission Station,” the “Library of Friedrich August Tholuck” and the “Rudolf Sellheim Library” have already been dealt with.
Database of the Portrait Collection
The documentation of papers on the history of Pietism
The collection of School Programmes
Card catalogues:
The alphabetical catalogue (publications dating from between 1473 and 1944)
The systematic catalogue of the Reference Library until 1999
The catalogues of languages and printing sites (publications dating from between 1473 and 1944)
The catalogues of the special collections (Canstein Bibles, Keferstein Library, Hymnal Collection, Teacher Library, Mission Library, Tholuck Library, Publishing Library).

CD-ROMs: Publications on CD-ROM will be handed out in the Reading Room and can be read on the second PC located in the Catalogue Room.

Classification: The systematic arrangement of the Reference Library with an index containing the names of individuals and places as well as the nomenclature of the old subject catalogue and the Library’s special collections are located in the folders entitled “Information sheets of the Library of the Francke Foundations,” on display in the Reading Room and the Catalogue Room.

Consultations: see Information

Copying and reproduction possibilities: Photocopies of books and journals, which are less than one hundred years old can be made on the spot, their conservation status permitting. Machines are available in the Catalogue Room (House 23). The reproduction of earlier publications and archival material is possible to a limited extent and after consultation with the head of the Study Centre. Upon approval a Photo Order Form (Fotoauftrag) has to be filled in. Such a form is available at the Reading Room desk (House 22) and can be submitted there. Downloading the Photo Order Form here(PDF, 47 kB) and sending it by mail to the Study Centre is optional. The invoice for the reproductions will be e-mailed. As to already filmed archival material and books, it is possible to have copies prepared on a Reader Printer.

Depot Service: Archival material and books can be ordered in the Reading Room up to 15.00.

Documentation of articles on the history of Pietism: Non-independently published titles on the history of Pietism until 2013 have been recorded in a database. Non-independently literature on the history of Pietism from 2014 on will be indexed in the OPAC catalogue.

Fees: Use of the library is free of charge. For special services see Regulation of fees.

General reference works can be found in the open access shelves (Freihandbestand) of the Reading Room (House 22).

Gloves: Special gloves are available in order to preserve manuscripts and prints when used.

Guided tours in the Historic Scenery Library, see Visit

Information: The leaflet of the Study Centre provides introductory information. The staff in the Reading Room and the Catalogue Room can disperse information. As to technical information, please contact Dr. Jürgen Gröschl (Archive) and Anke Mies (Library). Please direct your request for specialised information to the staff of the Reading Room or the Catalogue Room. There too consultations with the head of the Study Centre, Dr. Britta Klosterberg, can be registered.

Information sheets of the Library: Information as to the organization of catalogues, the collections of microfiches, the classification of the reference library, the databases and the journals of the library is located in folders, on display in the Reading Room and Catalogue Room.

Internet: Information pages on the Francke Foundations Library and Archive can be found by means of the address The online catalogues and the search tools of the Library and Archive are also accessible through this address, see Databases, Catalogues

Loans: The holdings of Archive and Library can be viewed exclusively on location. Ordering archival materials and books from the storerooms after 15.00 is not possible.

Loan slips (Leihscheine) of the Archive and the Library can be found at the Reading Room desk and in the Catalogue Room, see Loan (Ausleihe), Orders (Bestellungen)

Microfiche collections: The publications available on microfiche in the library are listed in the folders entitled “Information sheets of the Library of the Francke Foundations,” on display in the Reading Room and the Catalogue Room. The microfiches can be ordered in the Reading Room and consulted at the reading device. The “German Biographical Archive” can be accessed in the Reading Room.

Microfilm and microfiche readers are located in the Reading Room (House 22) and the Catalogue Room (House 23).

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), see Catalogues of the Library

Opening hours of the Reading Room (House 22):
Monday to Friday: 8.00–18.00 hours
Depot service: 8.00–15.00 hours

Orders: The loan slips (Leihscheine) for archival materials and books are provided in the Reading Room, see Loan

Overviews of the archival and library holdings: see Library and Archive: Technical information on the holdings

Periodicals: The library constantly holds 87 domestic and foreign journals, which are listed under the shelfmark Z ... in the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and placed in the open access area. An overview of the periodicals can be found in the folders entitled “Information sheets of the Library of the Francke Foundations,” which are on display in the Reading Room and the Catalogue Room.

Photocopies see Copying and reproduction facilities

Reader-printers, see Copying and Reproduction possibilities

Reading Room Desk: The registration and the handing out of literature and archival material for use in the Reading Room take place here, and the reader can acquire general information.

The Reference Library with modern research literature is freely accessible in the Reading Room. The classification can be found in the folder entitled “Information sheets of the Library of the Francke Foundations” and is also available on the Library’s homepage. Books no longer required may be returned to the Reading Room desk.

Shelfmarks: Indications of the location of books and archival records. They are found in the catalogue card or in the title description of the electronic catalogues. Additional notes indicate specific locations.

Short-term loan: An out-of-house loan from the Reference Library collection overnight or over the weekend is possible in justified cases. The lending license is granted at the Reading Room desk.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building complex of the Study Centre.

Specimen copy: The Study Centre is entitled to request a specimen copy of works essentially written when utilising material orginating from the Library or the Archive.

Toilets are located near the Cafeteria in House 23.

Visit of the baroque Scenery Library (House 22) is possible daily between 10.00-17.00, except on Monday. Bags and wet items of clothing are to be stored in the lockers located at the entrance area of House 22. Guided tours in the Scenery Library (House 22) can be arranged by calling the Information Centre of the Francke Foundations (0345) 21 27 450.

Wardrobe at the entrance area of House 22: coats, bags and umbrellas can be stored in the lockers available here (€ 1 coin required), they may not be taken into the Reading Room and the Catalogue Room