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August Hermann Francke has always had a big heart for migrants and refugees. When a large group of refugees from the Palatinate waited in provisional quarters to emigrate to the Americas in 1709, August Hermann Francke took an active interest in their fate. Francke’s work was based on the recognition that everything needed to be done “to make a general improvement in all areas, not only in Germany and Europe, but across the world.” He therefore founded the Halle orphanage, the current Francke Foundations. In accordance with its tradition, its successors helped to support the people expelled from Salzburg as well as religious fugitives from around the world who often found themselves staying at the Francke Foundations in Halle.

Today, thousands of people are once again seeking refuge from war and suffering among us. They have to build a safe home for themselves and their children. In this situation, the Francke Foundations are providing help for refugees and are actively taking responsibility, as has been their tradition for over 300 years.

We are inviting migrants and refugees to come to the Francke Foundation’s institutions and get in touch with the people of Halle and find support in everyday maters. You are very welcome to come to our expositions, the events in the historic orphanage, to the family skills centre, in the Krokoseum children’s creativity centre and plant garden as well as the forum’s facilities on the premises.

There is a great need for voluntary helpers and financial support in all projects that seek to help refugees and their families make friends properly and quickly with the people who live here. We look forward to working with you!

What can I do?

On this page, we would like to keep you regularly informed on concrete offers and helping opportunities in the Francke Foundation’s facilities. Under the descriptions, you can find current projects with the offer pages and contact information. We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions (sent to the email address


Speaking the national language is key to being able to independently survive in a new country. In order to allow migrant children and their families access to the German language, we require teaching materials. Staff at the Francke foundations have made inquiries and sought out the best books. A box filled with around 800 euros of diverse picture books, dictionaries and playful grammar books, bilingual as well as regional literature for children and youths will find its place in the Krokoseum’s children’s library. Further book boxes will be handed over to shared accommodation facilities as small libraries so that children and their families get to know the culture and language of their new home better.

We need your help in order to make this project a reality. Make a donation for education and make a contribution to integration together with the Francke foundations! Use the bank details given below, and enter the donation purpose “language grammar books donation”. Thank you very much for your support!

Bank details: Stadt- und Saalkreissparkasse, IBAN: DE56 8005 3762 0382 3062 00 BIC: NOLADE21HAL
We would be happy to issue you with a donation receipt.

Information and contact

Susanna KovacsHead of the Krokoseum Susanna Kovacs (Head of the Krokoseum) Susanna KovacsHead of the Krokoseum phone+49 345 2127 575

Continual offers

Running connects us

Laufen verbindet  Every Sunday at 15:00, refugees and the people of Halle are invited to running together. The meeting point is at Tranquebar on Franckeplatz. The group is open, all are welcome and can run at their own pace. The group will jog between 5 and 20 km, according to your individual stamina. The gymnasiums on the foundation’s premises offer changing facilities and the opportunity to take a shower afterwards. After the run, everyone is invited for a cup of tea and a comfortable get-together at the Tranquebar.

Language and learning support

Tranqeubar Au├čenansicht_Torsten Milarg  Many children with migrant backgrounds are learning in the schools on the foundation’s premises and under the shelter of the Francke Foundations. In order to support them and their families in everyday life, the “Stammtisch Sprache” (language gatherings) were started 3 years ago, to which refugees are very welcome. Children, youths, adults are supported here on an individual basis: Children learn German in the sport association’s exercises classes, youths and adults receive help through revising their language lessons, completing their homework as well as supporting them in completing official applications and everyday problems. The Stammtisch offers diverse opportunities to get into touch with one another and have exchange ideas. Voluntary helpers are very welcome to take part in the “Stammtisch Sprache” , on Mondays and Thursdays from 17 to 18:00 in the Tranquebar.

Information and contact

Sandra WetekampCoordinator, "Stammtisch Sprache" Sandra Wetekamp (Coordinator, Sandra WetekampCoordinator, "Stammtisch Sprache" phone+49 345 2127 533

Afterschool help for school children

Sprache durch Bewegung  The school club offers language and learning support for children from refugee and migrant families. The language support should prepare preschool-aged children for the beginning of school. Children who only visited a nursery school later on will especially benefit from language support. Building on from this, tailored learning support is offered upon entry into school that should be especially beneficial to pupils in the first grade. The education and participation package can be used for this.

We are happy to help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch!
Volunteer support is very welcome. We require between 2 and 5 hours of support per week.

Information and contact

Juliane HenschkeCoordinator, Sports and Education Juliane Henschke (Coordinator, Sports and Education) Juliane HenschkeCoordinator, Sports and Education phone+49 345 2127 555fax+49 345 2127 560