Miteinander_Ziegler  The House of Generations is located in the historically listed building of the former Royal Paedagogium, once the most important school of Prussia. Provided with a modern extension, it constitutes the heart of the cultural life of the Francke Foundations. With its intergenerational, holistic approach it unites the Maria Montessori Primary School, the Paul Riebeck Foundation’s home for the elderly in Halle and the Family Advice Centrefor Health and Education of the Francke Foundations under one and the same roof. Thanks to these three partners it is possible to connect people of all ages. Here the generations come together informally in everyday life. Living, learning and collaborating becomes the key to mutual understanding and to intergenerational cohesion, preventing the isolation caused by old age or social background. In this form, the model project attempts to provide answers to the major societal challenges of our time and to find new ways of intergenerational cooperation, which the demographic transformation and the rapid processes of change as to the family require.

A place in the land of ideas

The House of Generations was one of the first multi-generational houses in Germany and has received several awards. In 2006 it was awarded a place in the Land of Ideas under the federal initiative “Germany: Land of Ideas.” In September 2011 it was a laureate of the initiative titled “Germany: Land of Long Life” in the category Architecture.