The Bauhof has been operating in the form of different workshops and projects on the premises of the Francke Foundations’ former dairy farm since 1992. This non-profit organisation seeks especially to help disadvantaged children and adolescents without school certificates or professional qualifications as well as adults with long breaks in their career profile to better their chances in the labour market by offering possibilities for qualification.

The Bauhof projects focus on social work among adolescents and in schools, as well as on the reintegration of school dropouts in the educational system and on supporting the transition into vocational training. Common to all projects is the development of  new perspectives; here the Bauhof social workers, the schools and the children and the adolescents themselves all work in close cooperation. Parallel to this the Bauhof seeks to help their clients improve and develop their social skills and individual talents and to solve acute problems.

The Bauhof of the Volkssolidarität Saale-Kyffhäuser e.V. seeks to support adolescents and adults, irrespective of their social background and religious denomination, in handling social, integrative or financial problems as well as to show them ways of solving  these problems. With its own projects, as well as with projects in collaboration with the Jobcenter Halle, it offers an infrastructure and a point of contact for those seeking help.