Since its founding in the spring of 2001, the Society for the Study of the History of Halle (Verein für hallische Stadtgeschichte e.V.) has developed into a central platform for urban historical research. Based in the Francke Foundations it aims to encourage and supervise research and to make the scholarly results available to a wider public. The annual "days of city history" in November as well as lecture series and evenings on a particular theme serve this goal. Various periods and themes are compared within the history of Halle, also in a transregional perspective. Since 2006, the open-air lectures, which enjoy great popularity in the city, have a fixed place in the annual calendar. On several evenings during the warm half of the year, the Society takes its red “city history” chairs directly to the site of historical events.

With this profile, the Society links the university, the Foundations, the municipal archive, Halle’s museums, students and citizens of Halle who take an interest in history. This illustrates the basic idea of the Society as a platform where various topics can be discussed in an epoch-spanning manner and ideas are interconnected across disciplinary boundaries and institutions.