The nursing home for the elderly in the House of Generations, one of four residential care facilities of the Paul Riebeck Foundation in Halle, supports and monitors the participation of every resident in social life by means of its new "group living” model. It aims at bringing people together and maintaining the individual’s autonomy, even in old age and with long-term care dependency. It can accommodate 60 old people who are care-dependent, cognitively impaired or suffering from dementia. All the elderly clients reside in comfortable single rooms. Large kitchen-cum-living rooms on each floor form the communicative centre of the residential groups and encourage the residents to take part in conversations and joint activities.

Partner in the House of Generations

In line with the idea behind the House of Generations, the nursing home for the elderly is actively open to partnerships and to all events taking place in the city. The idea of generations living together is the focus of everyday life. Together with the Francke Foundations’ Family Centre for Education an Health Issues and the adjoining Montessori School various inter-generational projects have been initiated.  The most recent was a painting project involving children and the elderly during the Halle Action Days "Alter:native 2012" (“Alternatives for the Elderly”), a city-wide initiative of the Paul Riebeck Foundations.