The diversity of the Foundations’ eighteenth-century schools is today also reflected in the Secondary School, which offers a range of educational programmes and qualifications. The secondary modern school qualification (Hauptschulabschluss) can be obtained after class 9 and the technical high-school diploma (Realschulabschluss) after class 10. If they have completed classes 6 and 8, and been awarded the extended high-school diploma after class 10, pupils can move on to a grammar school. In addition, the August Hermann Francke Secondary School ensures an integrative education for currently 26 children and adolescents with special needs. Evening school classes for second-chance education are also affiliated to the school.

Active participation in social life lies at the centre of the Secondary Schools’ educational programme. The acquisition of the requisite qualification for an apprenticeship and intensive vocational preparation are crucial. Various projects for early career orientation, such as the BRAFO project in class 7, orientating work experience in class 8 (in association with the Industry and Trade Chamber IHK Halle-Dessau) and the company internship in class 9 allow pupils to compare their own ideas and skills with future professional requirements.

Hiking tours over several days, a compact skiing course and many other activities, but also training projects such as conflict mediation or team-building activities in the classes provide children and adolescents with the possibility of opening up avenues for a successful coexistence. Peer counselling helps the pupils to reflect upon their own behaviour and acquire more self-competence.