The August Hermann Francke Primary School is a communal school with approximately 240 pupils. Fourteen teachers with three ancillary staff teach 12 classes.

According to its school programme, the school sees itself in the tradition of August Hermann Francke as a modern environment in which to live and  learn.  A wide range of teaching methods are used to enable the pupils to acquire knowledge in an autonomous and individual manner. Lessons are organised in such a way that they correlate with the social and cultural diversity of the children’s life experiences and their various learning abilities.

Group and station work as well as cross-class projects are designed to prepare children for their journey through life in a modified way. Numerous highlights, such as the annual school festival, various sports contests or a regularly held reading contest, enrich school life. As an extension to their lessons the pupils visit cultural institutions in Halle. A regular subject in the lessons is also to become familiar with the school’s surroundings, the Francke Foundations, and their history.

The Association of Friends of the Francke Foundation and the August Hermann Francke Primary School maintain close relations. The pupils look after the small park with the memorial stone commemorating August Hermann Niemeyer and have created an interesting Francke-related “hands-on wall of knowledge” at the entrance of their school. Another feature of the primary school is the integration of young musical talents. Boys who apply for admission to the Halle City Boys’ Choir, which has its domicile in the Foundations grounds, attend the primary school.