Integrated Primary School

The Maria Montessori School is an integrated, open all-day school with 8 inter-year classes and an associated after-school care centre, which also operates in an integrated manner. Each class includes up to 21 children, with and without special educational needs and partial disabilities. Teaching disabled and non-disabled children together in accordance with Montessori’s principles and the emphasis on social integration are crucial principles of day-to-day work at the school and the after-school care centre.

Partner in the House of Generations

In the school year of 2007-2008, the Montessori School moved into the fully renovated school building at the top of the Linden Courtyard. As an integrated school it contributes towards a successful exchange in the House of Generations. Its pupils are sensitive to the individual strengths and weaknesses of others and take these into consideration in their daily lives. The openness of the Montessori paedagogy for personal commitment outside school hours also  facilitates joint projects.