In the August Hermann Francke After-School Care Centre approximately 200 primary school children aged 6 to 12 years are  supervised and attended to by nine child-care workers and one head.  The Foundations founded the centre in 2001.
After complete renovation of the children’s day care centre in 2005, the Centre now occupies a complete floor, which can be adapted to the varied daily routine in a functional and flexible manner.


This centre is an after-school leisure educational institution aimed at providing a counterbalance to school and offering activities in a leisure atmosphere. This goal is realised by means of semi-open work. In addition to group work during which for example homework is done, the children can take part in special projects. Sport activities are possible, as are reading clubs and composing essays in order to contribute to the broadening of school knowledge. In order to achieve this staff members work together with parents, schools and other institutions. The after- school centre considers it important to provide children with a wide range of activities in order to enhance their social skills in an enduring manner.