Together the Archives and the Library of the Francke Foundations form the August Hermann Francke Study Centre. This centre extends spatially from the Historical Library building (House 22) to the adjacent premises (Houses 23-24).

The Study Centre is a service facility for the cataloguing of and research into the holdings of the Archives and Library of the Francke Foundations. In recent years it has been able to initiate and carry out comprehensive and innovative cataloguing projects with the financial support of the German Research Foundation. They improve our understanding of the sources and provide a solid basis for new perspectives and research projects.

Online Research and Digital Collections

The online research facilities present us with several ways of accessing the holdings of Library and Archive as well as the digital collections.
Please also visit our Francke Portal, which has been under construction as part of a project supported by the German Research Foundation from March 2013 on. In the Francke Portal various electronic data collections have been merged, which were developed by the August Hermann Francke Study Centre and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Pietism Studies of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. These collections are continuously further elaborated and systematically enhanced by means of digital copies of the recorded printed and unprinted sources.

Opening hours

Reading Room, House 22 Monday to Friday 8.00–18.00 Tel: 0345-2127 470
Historical Library, House 22 Tuesday to Sunday 10.00–17.00 Tel: 0345-2127 450