Preparation of a damage register of the historical holdings of the library and archive (special programme of the BKM)

Damaged manuscripts of the archive

After the successful completion of the restoration project »Folded and Sealed«, we can start a new project this year to protect our holdings in the library and archives with the support of the Coordination Office for the Preservation of Written Cultural Heritage (KEK)  in the special programme for the preservation of the written cultural heritage of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

The aim of the project is to develop a restoration damage analysis for the historical holdings of the library and archive of the Francke Foundations, which are kept and administered by the August Hermann Francke Study Centre. This damage analysis will serve as a basis for the systematic planning of future conservation measures. The damage analysis is to be carried out for a stock of 450 linear metres of files and 3300 plan drawings in the archive as well as 119,000 volumes and 29,000 school programmes in the library. In consultation with the archivists and librarians, the experienced restorers of the Preservation Academy Leipzig will draw up a damage register that not only documents the damage, but also divides the objects into damage classes in order to determine priorities for subsequent measures. The inventory is then recorded on site.

After the inventory has been taken, the existing damage categories are evaluated. This evaluation, with a view to possible potential hazards for the long-term preservation of the inventories, serves to develop an action plan for the conservation of the inventories with a corresponding cost analysis to determine the financial requirements. Future conservation measures can thus be better planned and integrated into the budget. Prioritisation on the basis of damage classes helps to introduce appropriate measures for highly endangered stocks relatively quickly and thus secure the stock in the long term.

Employee in the project

Carmela Kahlow


Anke Mies