Halle and Züllichau as pietistic and educational centres in Brandenburg-Prussia (18th-20th century)

[Translate to Englisch:] Vorderansicht des Waisenhauses Züllichau und Titelblatt: Sigmund Steinbart: Warhafftige und umständliche Nachricht Derjenigen Tropffen, Strömlein und Flüsse, so aus GOttes reicher Segens=Quelle in das von ihm selbst Vor der Stadt Züllichow bei Krausche ... gestiftete Waysen=Hauß

Exchange of pedagogical and publishing ideas. Social background of pupils and teachers and their professional careers.

Halle i Sulechów jako ośrodki pietyzmu i edukacji.
Przepływ myśli pedagogicznej i wydawniczej. Rodowody społeczne wychowanków i kadry pedagogicznej oraz ich kariery zawodowe

As part of a three and a half year project, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education was supporting research into the links between Halle and Züllichau from the 18th to the 20th century within the framework of the programme for the promotion of the humanities headed by Prof. Dr. Bogumila Burda, University of Zielona Góra. The Francke Foundations were cooperation partners in this project.

Following the example in Halle, an orphanage was founded in Züllichau/Sulechów in 1719 by the needler Sigismund Steinbart (1677-1739), with schools and a publishing bookstore. Like the Hallesche orphanage, the orphanage was granted a privilege by the Prussian king. Within the framework of the project, the student and teacher registers of the schools in Züllichau and Halle was recorded and evaluated on the one hand, and bibliographies of the publishing products in Halle and Züllichau in the 18th century were compiled on the other.

The following work was carried out at the August Hermann Francke Study Centre as part of the overall project:

Schools, pupils, teachers
Based on the student and teacher registers of the schools in the Francke Foundations, pupils and teachers from Züllichau and the surrounding area were recorded in a database from the end of the 17th century to the year 1806. If complementary sources were identified, the educational biographies and careers of the pupils were examined. Among other things, the data make visible the connections between the schools and the personal networks between Halle and Züllichau or Silesia, for example also to the school at the Jesus Church in Cieszyn/Teschen in Silesia.

Project Management: Dr. Brigitte Klosterberg
Project support: Dr. Jürgen Gröschl
Project collaborator: Jan-Hendrik Evers (01.05.2017-30.06.2018), Kristina Hemmen (01.08.2018-31.05.2019)

Prints of the orphanage publishers in Halle and Züllichau in the 18th century: Bibliography, publishing profile, book distribution
The central task was the bibliographical verification of the publishing products. The works printed and published in the Orphanage in Züllichau were systematically bibliographically recorded for the first time and their distribution in German and Polish libraries was verified. A database already exists for Halle with titles from the end of the 17th century to the year 1806, which was revised and supplemented with Polish inventory records. The second task was dedicated to the statistical evaluation and description of the publishing profiles in Züllichau and Halle. The third task tracked down and evaluated sources that can provide information on the exchange of books between Halle and Züllichau. The books are therefore not only understood as carriers of contents and storage media of the knowledge of their time, but also as circulating media that were integrated into the personnel networks of both the Halle orphanage and the Züllichau orphanage.

Project Management: Dr. Britta Klosterberg
Project collaborator: Rhea Matschke, Anke Mies

Scientific workshops in Zielona Góra/Sulechów (2016), Halle (2018) and a final workshop in Zielona Góra/Sulechów (2019) accompanied the project. The results of the source work and the scientific research will be successively published:

Uczniowie Realschule w Sulechowie w latach 1787-1873. Źródła i materiały. Hg. v.  Bogumiła Burda und Bogumiła Husak. Zielona Góra 2018. [Show]

Protokoły szkolne Realschule w Sulechowie z lat 1787-1857. Źródła i materiały. Hg. v.  Bogumiła Burda. Zielona Góra 2018. [Show]

Bibliographischer Nachweis der Drucke des Waisenhausverlags zu Halle (1698–1806) in Sulechów (Züllichau) und Cieszyn (Teschen). Hg. v. Brigitte Klosterberg. Halle 2019 (Hallesche Quellenpublikationen und Repertorien, 17). [Show]

Bibliografia druków sulechowskich oficyny Frommanów z lat 1726-1798 w zbiorach bibliotek polskich.Hg. v.  Bogumiła Burda, Małgorza Konopnicka und Ewa Elżbieta Majcherek, Zielona Góra 2019. [Show]

Halle i Sulechów - ośrodki pietyzmu i edukacji, tło religijno –historyczne,  powiązania europejskie.Hg. v.  Bogumiła Burda, Anna Chodorowska, Bogumiła Husak, B. Klosterberg, Zielona Góra 2019. [Show]

Sulechów na przestrzeni wieków. 300 lat Fundacji Rodziny Steinbartów. Uczniowie i nauczyciele.Hg. v.  Bogumiła Burda und Anna Chodorowska. Zielona Góra 2019. [Show]

Working group
The interdisciplinary research project was carried out by a Polish-German working group headed by Prof. Dr. Bogumiła Burda, University of Zielona Góra.

Among the members of the working group were:
Anna Chodorowska M.A., University of Zielona Góra, Project Assistance
Prof. Dr. Jarochna Dąbrowska, University of Zielona Góra
Dr. Bogumiła Maria Husak, University of Zielona Góra
Dr. Brigitte Klosterberg, Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle
Prof. Dr. Piotr Krzysztof Marszałek, University of Applied Sciences Sulechów
Ewa Elżbieta Majcherek M.A., Sulechów University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Stefan Dąbrowski
4 PhD students and 5 students

Duration of the complete project: 01.06.2016-30.11.2019