Discover the foundations with Suddenlife Gaming

Eine BEsucherin steht auf dem Altan des Historischen Waisenhauses und hörtauf Ihrem Handy im Audioguide Informationen zum Lindenhof an.

In 2021, we're simply doing something completely new. The Corona pandemic gave us the idea. In a WebApp, we want to let children (ages 6–12) and families become part of an exciting story at the foundations, linked with interactive games. You can immerse yourself in the story during a visit to the foundations, from home or during the trip to Halle, help shape it and share it with others.

This is us

Two perfect partners have come together for the project. We are the museum with a creative educational program that always inspires children and families. And now we want to go online. We’re not doing it alone; children and families are involved right from the start. The Thadeus Roth Agency knows exactly how to do it. Dennis Levin’s team specializes in digital scavenger hunts that take you into the world of history with exciting and surprising activities. This Suddenlife Gaming has already been tested many times with other partners. However, never before with a museum and its visitors. All this makes the project very exciting for us, too!

Employee in the project

Dr. Kerstin Heldt

Head of Communication and Events

Friederike Lippold

Communication, Events, International Relations

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Rico Drochner

Staff TiQ mobil

Florian Halbauer

Museum Educator