Information for our Visitors


Dear visitors,

we are very pleased to welcome you to our exhibitions, guided tours and cultural events!

In view of the continuing high incidences in the city of Halle, we would like to ask you:

  • Continue to wear a medical mouth-nose protection in our exhibitions and on the traffic routes. (Excluded are:  Children up to the age of 6; deaf and hard of hearing people, their companions and, if necessary, people who communicate with them; people for whom the use of a mouth-nose covering is not possible or unreasonable due to a disability, pregnancy or health reasons. This must be made credible in a suitable manner - in particular by means of a plausible verbal explanation, a severely disabled person's ID, a medical certificate).
  • Please also ensure that there is sufficient distance between you and all persons who do not belong to your household.
  • We will not be using our event rooms to full capacity at the moment. Therefore, we will recommend early registration for some events. You will find the registration modalities on the page of the corresponding event.
  • For your safety, we will continue not to issue audio guides. Please use the option of downloading the tour app from the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.