The art of baking

About us
The Fischer Bakery from Rothenburg presents the oldest functioning wood-burning oven in the Francke Foundations at an event on "Sustainability in the Economy".

A female baker and two male bakers stand in front of a wood-burning oven and hold bread in their hands

A good bread is by no means a matter of course, because it needs the knowledgeable master baker and good regional ingredients. The Fischer Bakery from Rothenburg stands for this and has therefore been invited to an event on 27 February on »Sustainability in the Economy« at the Frauenhofer Institute MWS Halle as an example of best practice. The event was the prelude to the foundation of a regional network »Sustainability in the Economy« , initiated by the Frauenhofer Institute MWS and the Halle Chamber of Commerce.
The highlight of this craft of the Fischer Bakery is certainly the bread from the oldest and largest wood-burning oven in Central Germany. For three days the oven is heated up, 100 organic rye breads are baked in two baking courses and under high physical effort. For the Francke celebration on Saturday, 21 March, it will be time again. Make a note of this date!