"streitbar": Annual magazine of the Francke Foundations now available at the Francke House of Residence

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64 pages full of information: highlights of the annual program and photo spreads from the foundation's everyday life, exciting interviews and historical backgrounds, emotional insights and personal pleas

Fresh off the presses, the annual magazine of the Francke Foundations has arrived at the Francke Residence (House 28). In an informative and entertaining way, it presents the annual program for 2023 on 64 pages with many current pictures under the theme "disputable": "Interviews with experts and background information on the annual exhibition provide answers to the questions: Why do we need disputes and what constitutes a good culture of dispute? Andrea Klapperstück, editor in charge, adds: "Exciting reports, short news items and personal pleas allow us to look behind the scenes of the foundations and introduce people and projects that are not otherwise in the public spotlight.

Francke Foundations Magazine 2023: contentious
available free of charge (pick-up only) from the Francke Foundations Information Center