Start of the Democracy Campaign

Article 1 of the Basic Law says: The dignity of humans is inviolable

The Halle Museum Network, together with other actors in the city, has launched a campaign for democracy. Since 2016, banners with the unmistakable message from Article 1 of the German Constitution have been flying throughout the city: Human dignity is inviolable. Many questions about basic rights arise in social exchange: What do values such as freedom of opinion, the right to asylum, religious freedom, equality and others mean to us today? Where does individual freedom find its limits and how are fundamental rights protected? How do we deal with them when they are called into question?

Cultural institutions have a responsibility to work for social cohesion, because it is only through the framework conditions of our democratic social order that the free development of cultural and artistic work is made possible. Museums, even if they are more concerned with the past, are, like other cultural institutions, part of today's social debates. They take a stand for the values that hold our society together. This includes the freedom of art and culture, which at the same time is a mandate not to stand aside in today's political debates.

Since the events of October 9, 2019, Halle has been associated with a right-wing terrorist attack. This has shaken the city and at the same time demonstrated how an urban society can come together, show solidarity with those affected and stand up against right-wing extremism. The majority of the people of Halle think and act democratically. They defend basic rights, which are by no means self-evident and which must be constantly reaffirmed.

The Museum Network's series of events aims to shed light on the fundamental importance of basic democratic values in various facets and for different areas of life and society, to facilitate dialogue, to raise questions, and to present personalities who are committed to democracy and human rights or who have done so in the past. The Francke Foundations participate with their series of events »Persönlichkeiten im Gespräch«.