We wish everyone a good start to 2022!

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The morning sun shines on the roofs of the northern buildings at Linden-Courtyard under a blue sky.

Morning sun and blue sky on the Altan of the Historic Orphanage. The right place to welcome the new year and to think about whether to do something special for 2022.

This has a long tradition, as a glance at August Hermann Francke's diaries reveals. It is generally assumed that these resolutions do not last long anyway, so perhaps some people are becoming more courageous to give their lives a boost with new ideas at the beginning of the year.

This afternoon, the Professor's son came and expressed his New Year's wish in all seriousness, declaring that he wanted to take up his cause more thoroughly this year.
(Diary entry by August Hermann Francke on 1 January 1716)

The »great earnestness« with which the 19-year-old Gotthilf August Francke declared to his father on New Year's Day 1716 that he intended to take a better approach to his cause this year was, in retrospect, crowned with great success. As his father's successor in the office of Foundation Director, he followed in big footsteps 10 years later and found his way well into it.

We wish everyone a successful 2022, may your wishes also come true!