New publication on mission history

Publication in the series »Hallesche Forschungen« of the Francke Foundations Publication's Department

Cover of the new volume of the Hallesche Forschungen

Jesuit and Pietist Missions in the Eighteenth Century. CrossConfessional Perspectives. Edited by Markus Friedrich and Holger Zaunstöck. Halle 2022 (Hallesche Forschungen, 62).

The anthology raises the question of how the missionaries of different Christian denominations in the mission areas dealt with one another when they came into contact on a daily basis. In view of their particular early modern intra-Christian pluriconfessionality, two regions were chosen as the focus: the Eastern Mediterranean and the Indian subcontinent. Thus, the volume does not only contribute to the comparative study of missions in the long eighteenth century. At the same time, it demonstrates the usefulness of global confessionalisation research, whose heuristic potential for analysing the history of non-European Christianity in the early modern period has hardly been tested thus far.