New: drinking fountain in the Lindenhof

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Since the Francke celebration, there has been a drinking fountain in the lower Lindenhof.

Das Foto der Rückseite des Waisenhauses entstand im Frühjahr, wenn das Grün der Linden noch nicht den Blick auf die weißen Gebäude verdeckt.

The supply of fresh drinking water was not at all a matter of course during Francke's lifetime! In Francke's school town, however, the health and hygiene of over 3,000 people who lived here in the 18th century had to be taken care of. Therefore, starting in 1717, a complex supply system was set up that channeled fresh spring water, the "Waysenhaus water" that soon became famous beyond the region, into and through the entire foundations. In 2020, the idea arose to install a drinking fountain in the Francke Foundations that would tie in with the long history of the drinking water supply. Donations were collected from members of the Friends of the Francke Foundations, construction plans were forged, and hygiene rules were studied, because after all, fresh drinking water is a food to which everyone should have access, and the requirements for a fountain are accordingly high!

After all the considerations and planning for a suitable location, the drinking fountain has now found its place in the lower Lindenhof in time for the Francke celebration. Connected to the drinking water system of the city of Halle, healthy water is now available for everyone.

Great thanks go to the Real Estate Department for the structural implementation and to the Freundeskreis der Franckeschen Stiftungen e.V. for the financing and tireless commitment that made this project possible.