Licensed edition of the Ziegenbalg-Manuscript »The Estate of The Clergy Pleasing to God«

Book presentation and sale in the Ziegenbalg-House in Tharangambadi

Blick auf das restaurierte Ziegenbalg-Haus im südindischen Tharangambadi und die goldene Büste Bartholomäus Ziegenbalgs

The 300th anniversary of the death of the first Lutheran missionary Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg is a great event for the Lutheran Church in India. The Francke Foundations, together with the Ziegenbalg-House in Tharangambadi, have printed an English licensed edition of Ziegenbalg's prison script entitled »The Estate of The Clergy Pleasing to God« in India. The source on which it is based is kept in the archives of the Francke Foundations. It has already been published in German and English by the Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen in Halle. The licensed edition is available in Tharangambadi at the Museum for Intercultural Dialogue in the Ziegenbalg-Haus.

The more than 700-page publication was written between 19.11.1708 and 26.3.1709 at the Dansburg fortress in Tranquebar. Here the missionary had been imprisoned two years after his arrival in the South Indian trade base. Trade and mission interests had clashed and escalated the conflict. During his time in prison, Ziegenbalg meditated on the task of teaching and the difficulties involved. His presentation is based on the fundamental conviction that only those can speak correctly of Christianity who grasp it with their hearts. These Pietistic thoughts were put at the disposal of young pastors and teachers in Europe in his writings. With the licensed edition today also the readers in India can follow Ziegenbalgs personal statements.