New on the Francke Portal: Interactive map with the travel stations of August Hermann Francke

At a glance, August Hermann Francke's travel stops are visualized on a geographical map and the places visited are linked to Francke's digitized self-testimonies on the Francke portal.

View of the Francke portal using the example of the town of Rammelsburg with the text entries and the links to the digitised documents.

The Study Centre August Hermann Francke offers a new research option in the Francke Portal: On a geographical map, Francke's travel stops are visualized at a glance. His journeys took him west to Holland, east to Berlin and Königs Wusterhausen, north to Hamburg and Kiel and south to Tübingen and Augsburg. Francke undertook two major journeys in his life: in 1705 a trip to Holland and in 1717/18 a trip to southern Germany. In addition, he visited places in his immediate surroundings several times, including Berlin, Köstritz and Leipzig.

The map is integrated in the collection »Journal/Ego-Documents« in the Francke Portal and can be researched via it. By mouse-click, the place shown on the map is linked to Francke's journals, in which Francke's respective journey is thematized. Alternatively, the digitized sources with Francke's travel locations can be accessed via the tab »Geo Index« and an alphabetical list of the places visited.

Please note that only travel stops that appear in Francke's diaries/self-testimonies have been geo-referenced, and not other sources from the archives of the Francke Foundations, which may also have dealt with Francke's travels.