Modern gymnasium for the Latina and the popular sports club SV Francke 08


Kinder üben im Schulunterricht Volleyball auf mehreren Spielfeldern der sanierten Turnhalle.

Children and young people who can live out their urge to move learn better. After all, physical exercise leads to an increase in brain activity and thus to higher mental fitness. The freshly renovated gymnasium in the Francke Foundations offers plenty of space and modern equipment for school and mass sports, continuing a long sports tradition of the educational institution. Already in the 18th century, Francke's »Motion« was a subject in the schools. At that time, the foundation pupils played badminton on the balloon court. Later, football gained influence, and players from the foundation schools were among the first members of the Halleschen FC 1896.

The renovated sports facility now offers 6 practice facilities for ball games, separate ball-wall impact fields and flexibly set up sports equipment. It also has an optimal new ventilation concept. Maximum acoustic improvement and a modern sound system ensure maximum sports enjoyment.

The gymnasium building was constructed in the 1970s on the site of the Francke Foundations. The building type MT 90 is a shell structure: half-shell-shaped concrete elements are arranged in such a way that wave patterns appear on the ceilings and walls. The engineer and architect Herbert Müller (1920–1995 in Halle) developed this type of construction, which influenced the most diverse buildings of the »Eastern Modernism« such as sports halls, department stores, kindergartens and functional buildings and was widely used. Many of these buildings have also been demolished in Halle in recent years. An important focus of the refurbishment was therefore also on preserving and emphasising the special architectural features of the building.

The refurbishment and modernisation of the gymnasium was completed on time despite the corona pandemic thanks to a €2.3 million grant from the Land of Saxony-Anhalt from PMO funds (funds from the party and mass organisations of the GDR).