Expansion of the digital infrastructure

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Projects within the framework of the Cultural Investment Programme Digitisation REACT-EU

Das ausgestopfte Krokodil in der Wunderkammer im Hintergrund ist auf einem Handydisplay im Vordergrund zu sehen.
Das Krokodil in der Kunst- und Naturalienkammer zählt zu den beliebtesten Fotoobjekten in den Stiftungen.

The Francke Foundations are a unique educational cosmos in Europe. With its valuable historical collections in baroque school architecture, its exhibitions, but especially its educational and social projects, we are more than just a museum. Founded with the aim of improving society, we offer broad access to democratic education, social participation and sustainable action. Digital access for all is of paramount importance. Under the living and working conditions in the Corona pandemic, this importance has increased in every respect.

The Francke Foundations are now setting the course for the future with two projects.

As part of the project Laying the foundations for the expansion of digital offerings to fulfil the statutory tasks, the technical framework conditions are being adapted and expanded. The existing technology is no longer efficient due to its age. Above all, the existing storage capacities are no longer sufficient for an expansion of the digital services.

The project Creation of a digital infrastructure for image data supports easier access for users and staff to the historical images and professional documentation photos of the annual cultural, scientific and educational work of the Francke Foundations. Among other things, external users of the foundations' digital services will be able to view current photos and order them online.