Book on Teyler’s Museum published – Stabsstelle Forschung involved

Latest results on international research on collections and cabinets of curiosities – further strengthening of the »Alliance of Early Universal Museums«

[Translate to Englisch:] Das Ölgemälde zeigt den ovalen historischen Innenraum des Teyler’s Museum
[Translate to Englisch:] Wybrand Hendriks: De Ovale Zaal van Teylers Museum. Ca. 1800-1820.

A comprehensive volume on the history of Teyler’s Museum in Haarlem has just been published by Brill (Leiden/Boston). Together with the Kunstkamera St. Petersburg and the Francke Foundations, the museum is a founding member of the Alliance of Early Universal Museums. The interdisciplinary and lavishly designed book stems from an international conference in Haarlem in 2017, and was edited by Dutch collection historians Ellinoor Bergvelt and Debora Meijers. The Research Department was present at the conference and is now involved in the book – its director, the historian Holger Zaunstöck, presents the visit of the foundation’s director August Hermann Niemeyer to Haarlem and places this moment in the history of the museum: »Visiting Haarlem: August Hermann Niemeyer, the Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities at the Halle Orphanage, and Teyler’s Museum«.