100 postcards from India to Halle

Mail from India!

A collage from the title pages of the Hallesche Berichte of the Archive of the Francke Foundations and drawings by the artist Stefan Schwarzer.

Stefan Schwarzer, an artist from Halle, has traveled to Tharangambadi in southern India as a scholarship holder of the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt. The globetrotter carried colour pencils and 100 blank postcards with himself. In the residence of the first Lutheran missionary Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg (1682-1719), where today a museum of intercultural dialogue invites people of different religions to explore the cultural and historical significance of the Danish-Halle Mission, Schwarzer has designed the postcards together with the children in Tharangambadi in a two-day workshop and sent them to Halle. Why? In the 18th century, the missionaries of the Danish-Halle Mission regularly sent letters to Halle with information from the then Tranquebar and the surrounding area. Here they were published by August Hermann Francke in the Halle reports. This story gave the idea for the art project.