The Wiedmann Bible

at the Canstein Bible Institute, the first Bible Institute in the world

In the attic of his gallery in Stuttgart, Willy Wiedmann (1929-2013) painted a 1.17km long fanfold for 16 years. The artist wanted to simplify the Bible so that everyone could understand it and thus give people an impulse to actively engage with it again.

In 1710, Carl Hildebrand Freiherr von Canstein (1667-1719) founded the world's first Bible institute - the Cansteinsche Bibelanstalt - in the Glauchaschen Anstalten, as the Francke Foundations were called in the 18th century, in order to make the Luther Bible available to all believers. In a unique symbiosis, again in the attic, this time in the historical storage building of the Cansteinsche Bibelanstalt, you can get to know the Wiedmann Bible and its creation in an exhibition.

Tours of the exhibition are available on request from the Mitteldeutsches Bibelwerk - Canstein Bibelzentrum. Please use the contact form at the top of this page.