With energy and faith in God

The transformation of the Francke Foundations since 1990

View of the historical orphanage with base station
A giant banner on house 37-39 shows the entrance area to the grounds of the Francke Foundations.
Between houses 7 and 8, a huge banner with a photo of the foundations from 1990 flutters with a woman at garbage cans.
At the back of house 1 hangs across the Lindenhof a huge banner with a photo from 1990.
Detailed view of the information boards with a section of a quotation from a former resident of the Francke Foundations.
Blick in den Lindenhof mit zwei Infostelen der Freiluftausstellung.
A giant banner with the view of the Lindenhof as a large construction site (around 1990) at the Bayliff´s House.
A giant banner on the economy building shows the ruinous state of the building around 1990.

The baroque building ensemble of the Foundations is historically unique and structurally impressive. In the exhibition it is staged in an artistic intervention: Eight monumental photographs on banners along the central lines of sight of the Lindenhof and the historic buildings demonstrate the strength with which the Foundations have been able to develop over the past 30 years. In 1990 the buildings were in a very poor state of repair. 42 photos show the foundations once again in grey. Quotes from former residents, students and working people reveal the strong personal ties to the foundations and their spirit. By 2020 the rescue of the historic buildings will be almost complete. The nucleus for this was the Association of Friends of the Francke Foundations e.V., which was founded in 1990 as an act of civic commitment and has supported the foundations ever since. Its 30th anniversary is the occasion for the outdoor exhibition.

Project Members

Very Barth, Halle; Constantin Beyer, Weimar; Robert Frisch, Braunschweig; Ingo Gottlieb, Halle; Wolfgang Otto Märten, Halle; Werner Ziegler, Halle

Concept and planning:
anschlaege.de, Berlin
Marleen Schönfelder & Gregor Müller, Halle