Winter travels

Concert with lautten compagney BERLIN

MusikerInnen der lautten compagney BERLIN mit ihren Instrumenten
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Winter travels gives contemporary authors from other cultures and countries a chance to speak, who live in Germany for various reasons and have chosen German as the language for their texts - among others: Melinda Nadj Abonji, Ayšegül Acevit, Wladimir Kaminer, Herta Müller, Chima Oji and Saša Stanišic.
At the same time, thoughts of winter and Christmas are always connected to arriving, finding one's way home, reassuring oneself of one's own origins, visiting one's old home and examining the current status of one's own being.

With their programme, Wolfgang Katschner and his baroque specialists take a very personal look at the diversity of German baroque music. Well-known chorales are juxtaposed with figurative art music, but old folk songs can also be heard. The majority of the composers of the works presented, such as Michael Praetorius and Heinrich Schütz, come from the Central German region. The work of Martin Luther, which was so influential for this cultural region, also permeates the programme in a special way.