Playtime on Monday

Free time in the Krokoseum

Three girls are playing. One sits on a board with rollers and is pushed by the other two.

For Children (6-12 years)

Romp, play, browse, work, make music  – the various offers of the Krokoseum can be tried out by all trampoline acrobats, stack artists and stall builders to their heart's content.

Numerous toys and activities have to be discovered. Here you can build the greatest castles, create your own worlds and slip into new roles. Your stories come to life in the puppet theatre, your wildest melodies will be played on the piano, guitar or flutes, and those who want some peace and calmness are invited to grab a book from our children's library and can move to our cozy reading corner. When the weather is good, we hang our comfortable hanging chairs in the trees, put out deck chairs and conquer the meadow at the Franckeplatz. The Playtime in the Krokoseum is your time!