Hands-on Workshop

Print, sew, work

On the floor there is a small self-built boat with a small sail on a branch and a cork man as captain.
Two children work on small boards for simple ship hulls in the wood workshop.
Der Umgang mit natürlichen Materialien wird in der Holzwerkstatt im Krokoseum eingeübt.
A girl is sewing on a sewing machine.
In screen printing, color is printed on fabric using a screen pattern.

In our creative workshop, children (6 – 12 years) can work one's way up

In the workshop time we open our creative workshop for you every Monday. All do-it-yourself makers and world changers can grab hammers and nails, printing presses, sewing machines, saws and paint here and let their imagination run free. We get to know many new materials and techniques and build the world as we like it.