Family Day at the start of the annual exhibition

In the stone quarry of time

Two children work on a stone block in the stone workshop with hammer and chisel.

A day for young and old stone researchers, fossil lovers and music lovers! We open our annual exhibition "Im Steinbruch der Zeit. Erdgeschichten und die Anfänge der Geologie" with a geological family program for discovering, puzzling and ear-tipping. In the "treasure trove" in front of the Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities, rocks are explored and determined, real fossils can be uncovered on the meadow in front of the HIstoric Orphanage, and at the end of the day you can listen to enigmatic and beautiful music on millions of years old stones at the family concert with Olaf Pyras.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the number of participants for the individual offers is limited. Therefore please make sure to register in advance. Please use the contact form of the Information Center or call us directly.

The organic bakers Fischer and Kirn provide for the physical well-being in the historical bakery. But again the wood oven is heated and the popular Francke bread is pushed into the oven. In the sales are also coffee, cake and bread specialities of the bio bakers.

11:00am+ 12:00pm + 13:00pm + 14:00pm Uhr in front of the Cabinet of Artefacts and Natural Curiosities
Action treasure trove
Exploring and determining, tinkering and wondering in the stone research workshop

11:00am + 12:00pm + 13:00pm + 14:00pm Uhr auf der Wiese vor dem Historischen Waisenhaus
Mysterious fossils
No magic: real fossils can be exposed from stones.

15:00pm Uhr in the Linden Courtyard
Family Concert:How do stones sound?
Experience music on million years old stones with the percussionist Olaf Pyras

(Please register for the programs at the Information Center. The number of places is limited).

Sunday, 09/20/2020

Show baking and Café

Frisch gebackene Brote aus dem historischen Backofen liegen zum Verkauf bereit.
Fresh organic rye bread as well as coffee and cake at the oldest preserved historical oven in Halle with the master bakers Fischer and Kirn
10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Brewery and Bakery

Im Steinbruch der Zeit. Erdgeschichten und die Anfänge der Geologie

Stones are enigmatic relicts of times gone by, blinking in jewelry. They serve as raw material, are considered lucky charms and healers. The annual exhibition in the Historic Orphanage is dedicated to their geological exploration and interpretation, and for the first time also takes a look at the history of geology.
10:00 am - 5:00 pm