A pietist church in Halle?

A themed evening in the Newly Discovered and Newly Acquired series

Die Georgenkirche im Abendlicht
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A total of 31 coloured architectural drawings with many annotations - this newly acquired collection is a special treasure for the Francke Foundations. The plans depict in detail the reconstruction of St Georgen's Church in Glaucha after the devastating fire in 1740 under the direction of Gotthilf August Francke (1696 - 1769). With 3,000 seats, the new church was the largest new sacred building in Halle at the time and was only made possible thanks to the financial, material and moral support of the orphanage.

On this evening, we will explore the question of whether this was a decidedly pietistic church building, how this can be recognised and whether it became a model for other church buildings. Research into this is still in its infancy, but the collection promises to »trace the process of form-finding in such a complete and differentiated way« as is rarely possible, according to PD Dr phil. Meinrad v. Engelberg (Technical University of Darmstadt) evaluates the historical building plans of St Georgen Church.

Lecture by Dr Thomas Grunewald and discussion (in German)
The event is organised in cooperation with the Hallische Stadtgeschichte e.V. association.