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Chapel of the Holy Cross, Orthodox House Church


Franckeplatz 1, Haus 24, 06110 Halle (Saale)
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Ljuba Barth Ljuba Barth Ljuba Barth phone+49 345 6819188

With the Orthodox House Church, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, ordained by Archbishop Feofan of Berlin on 11 February 2000, the ecumenical and historical ties connecting the Orthodox Church and Russia with the Francke Foundations and the Faculty of Theology were set a visible sign. The Orthodox parish in Halle has also been provided with its own place of worship. The parish presents a home to Christians from various traditions and cultures, such as the Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian or Russian Orthodox Church. Quite a few have resided in Germany for many years, whereas others have arrived only recently.

The term Russian Orthodox parish stands for the jurisdictional affiliation to the Russian Orthodox Church and its head, the Patriarch of Moscow. Archbishop Feofan of Berlin represents him in Germany. On his behalf, Archpriest Alexei Tomjuk from Leipzig is responsible for Orthodox Christians of all traditions. The parish meets regularly for religious services, which are predominantly celebrated in Church Slavonic.
Religious services are held every first and second Saturday of the month.

In addition to the religious services and the care for various national cultures, a focus of the parish work is to be open to other Christians and fellow citizens. The house church therefore also serves as an ecumenical meeting and information centre. Meetings and discussions with Orthodox Christians intend to help overcome prejudices. The parish wishes to act as a cultural ambassador of the Eastern way of life and religion. Furthermore, charity work is important to the parish. The main focus is to support church-led social work in Russia by means of a partnership. The parish specifically helps the Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy in Moscow.

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