Bible Mansard and Foundations´ Chaplain


Franckeplatz 1, Haus 28, 06110 Halle (Saale)
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Contact Person

Pfarrer Friedrich WegnerFoundations´ Chaplain Pfarrer Friedrich Wegner (Foundations´ Chaplain) Pfarrer Friedrich WegnerFoundations´ Chaplain phone+49 345 2127 512

Education shaped in a Christian spirit

The educational, social and cultural tasks of the Francke Foundations were, from August Hermann Francke on, significantly shaped by the Christian spirit and have increased over the centuries. The Evangelical Church in Central Germany takes up the long tradition of pastoral and paedagogical work of the Foundations’ pastors. The Evangelical Church of Anhalt, the Evangelical Church District Halle-Saalkreis and the Francke Foundations are jointly responsible for the work of the current Foundations’ chaplain, Eckart Warner.

Special programmes for groups of infants and children from kindergartens, primary schools and after-school care centres

  • Specially focused tours of the Francke Foundations for groups of children
  • Religious educational projects throughout the Christian year (Advent, St. Nicholas’ Day, Christmas, Carnival, Passiontide, Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Harvest Festival, Halloween, Saint Martin’s Day)

Training Courses

  • The religious competence of children Kirchenjahr 
  • Training courses for educational staff

All subjects and further wishes can be negotiated in mutual agreement.

The Francke Foundations’ network of groups of young people and candidates for confirmation is invited to become acquainted with the Francke Foundations



  • Francke and God
  • Francke and education
  • Francke and church social welfare work
  • Francke and Luther
  • Francke and the world
  • Creation and science
  • “Land Art” shaped with the help of confirmation groups
  • God in the town


  • A module for confirmation groups (1-2 hours) including a guided tour and a unit on a specific theme (especially suited for local groups)
  • One day (up to 5 hours) including a guided tour, a unit on a specific theme, creative slots and a scouting game, meals.
  • Weekend (Friday to Sunday) - become acquainted with the Foundations through units on specific themes, creative slots and a scouting game. Halle, Wittenberg or Eisleben can be explored.

All subjects and further wishes can be negotiated in mutual agreement.

Guided tours of the Francke Foundations

followed by prayers in St. George’s Chapel

Lectures and discussions

on various subjects, also in combination with a tour of the Foundations. It is also possible to come to your parish or your institution.

Facts On Faith

Information and background knowledge on our Christian culture (Please see “Offers” for the dates)

All subjects and further wishes can be negotiated.


The weekly Bible study-hour in Francke’s former home offers the opportunity of approaching the biblical message in various ways. Informative series on life and faith in our culture, which is as before Christian, provide opportunities for discussion and personal encounters.

Regular prayers and special services, also in English or sign language, provide the time and space for personal reflection, a moment of peace in everyday life and celebration of faith.

Pastoral supervision

As a spiritual mentor, the Foundations’ chaplain is there for one and all, whether they work, study or go to school in the Foundations or are guests there. The Bible Mansard offers a discreet space for confidential conversations.

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