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Metta ScholzHead of Publications Metta Scholz (Head of Publications) Metta ScholzHead of Publications phone+49 345 2127 499

The publishing activities of the Francke Foundations go back to the time when the “school town” was established. Continuing this tradition, publications currently appear under the imprint “Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen.” Exhibition catalogues, opulently illustrated books on the collections, fascinating source material and reputable research literature are included in the broad spectrum which the publishing house presents to its readers. Its series reflect the multi-faceted work of the Francke Foundations.
Andreas Herzau #francke. Ein fotografischer Essay über die Franckeschen Stiftungen mit einem einleitenden Text von Hortensia Völckers. Halle 2016.
128 S. mit 101 Fotografien, € 36,00; ISBN 978-3-447-10556-9

Cover Fotobuch Herzau  In 2015 Andreas Herzau spent a year at the Francke Foundations in Halle. Not the unique architecture of the school town, but the people currently acting in the historic area, creating the pulse of the educational cosmos which comprise the Francke Foundations, were the focus of attention of this documentary photographer. Each photograph tells a story and wishes to be read. The images capture the playful relaxed manner of the youth against the background of a grand scenery and illustrate the other world dictated by the needs of the aged. They discover the sensations of everyday life, capture moments of excitement and dignity, of tension and letting go, the resilience of the old and the dynamics of the new at the heart of a more than 300 year old, time-honoured space. An essay in German and English composed by Hortensia Völckers, the artistic director of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, introduces the everyday life at the Foundations.
Andreas Herzau (b. 1962) is one of the best-known German photojournalists, who expanded the boundaries of classical documentary photography in often surprising ways. His work has for instance been awarded with the European Press Award and is represented in collections such as the German Historical Museum and the Gundlach Foundation.

The Halle Orphanage. The Francke Foundations: History and Sights. Thomas Müller-Bahlke (ed.). Halle: Francke Foundations zu Halle, 2015. 144 pp., 128 ill. and site plan, € 17,00; ISBN 978-3-447-10532-3

Kat 1_Waisenhaus_englisch  When visiting the Francke Foundations today, one immerses oneself in a historical ensemble with a social and educational architecture comprising early modern origins which is unique in the world. In preparation or supplementation of such a visit, this third edition of a catalogue presents the Francke Foundations’ attractions – the Historic Orphanage, the Francke House and the library with its renowned scenery depot – as well as August Hermann Francke’s work. Separate chapters deal with the construction history and architecture of this unique ensemble.


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Scholarly publications are an essential priority. In cooperation with our partner, the Harrossowitz Verlag in Wiesbaden, four research series are published on a commission basis. In the “Hallesche Forschungen” scholarly work on Pietism, on the Francke Foundations and on their international relations are published either as conference proceedings or monographs. Surveys of the Foundation’s extensive collections in the library, archive and cabinet of curiosities are published in the “Hallesche Quellenpublikationen und Repertorien.” From the early eighteenth century on, two main geographical areas have crystallized out of the Francke Foundations’ international relations. The “Neue Hallesche Berichte” are dedicated to the publication of scholarly sources and studies on South India’s past and present. The “Quellen zur Geschichte Sibiriens und Alaskas aus russischen Archiven” present materials on the history, geography and ethnology of Northern Asia and Alaska.

More minor source material is published and commented on in the series “Kleine Quellentexte” and “Kleine Schriftenreihe.” A further focus is the richly illustrated catalogues on the Francke Foundations’ alternating exhibitions, a key part of their cultural programme. These catalogues always provide additional in-depth insights into the exhibition themes and therefore continue to be relevant long after the exhibition is over.

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Metta ScholzHead of Publications Metta Scholz (Head of Publications) Metta ScholzHead of Publications phone+49 345 2127 499

If you are interested in purchasing a publication, please contact us by e-mail. Titles from the series “Hallesche Forschungen,” “Hallesche Quellenpublikationen und Repertorien,” “Neue Hallesche Berichte” and “Quellen zur Geschichte Sibiriens und Alaskas aus russischen Archiven” are processed by our partner, Harrassowitz Verlag (Wiesbaden, Germany). Click here to access the corresponding website.
If you give the ISBN number, all publications can be ordered through your bookseller.
During your visit to the Francke Foundations, all our publications are available in our Information Centre in Francke’s Home directly adjacent to the Historic Orphanage on Franckeplatz.Merken

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