#francke am Waisenhaus  The Francke Foundations, a former Baroque school town founded by August Hermann Francke in the late seventeenth century, is still a vibrant educational cosmos. Today, the Foundations comprise museums and schools, work and leisure, young and old, the everyday and the exceptional – a broad mix of opposites which makes them so special. In these photographs, photojournalist Andreas Herzau focuses on these opposites, yet heightens our awareness of a crucial element – the people living and working here. Rather than concentrating on the impressive ensemble of heritage buildings, he is interested in and fascinated by the people moving though and in this setting. With an inimitable sense of place, Andreas Herzau’s photographs offer a remarkable insight into the everyday life of children, young people and students at school and university, and take the viewers on a journey from scenes of major events in the lives of families to the daily life of residents and visitors. Moments of leisure are juxtaposed with intense concentration and solemnity, tension is followed by calm serenity. The fascination of the Foundations lies just in this combination of the everyday and exceptional. Each photograph narrates its own story, calling on the viewer to read and interpret it. At the same time, each scene also evokes the centuries-old spirit of August Hermann Francke’s ideas and ideals which still resonate so prominently at this unique site – and it is precisely this perspective which lends the book its most remarkable quality.

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