Gruppenbild Workshop  Sardar Aldikan, Natalie Bätz, Konrad Mierendorff, Laura Fuhrmann, Omar Kabbani, Tarek AlBitar, Watin Mahammad Lojain Najjar, Nadiya Lembrikova, Tatjana Khachatryan, Pauline Dörband, Kareis Sherka, Adnan Alfrawati, Yamen Najjar

 Photo workshop with youngsters from Syria and Halle led by Andreas Herzau and assisted by Lukas Thiele

With the help of with photographic means 14 pupils jointly explore and interpret their (new) living environment: the city of Halle, their school and the Francke Foundations. The photographic artist Andreas Herzau supervises them in a professional fashion.

The project offers young people the opportunity to experience their environment in a creative way, with a sharpened view, and to hereby position themselves. In addition, remaining language barriers can be overcome thanks to the medium of photography. In nonverbal manners they can communicate their views on and relation to their new home to others. A digital documentation, a public closing ceremony and an exhibition of the results in the Historic Orphanage present families, friends, classmates and Halle citizens with the opportunity to gain insight into the project and to discover their own city with different eyes.

"HALLE. This is where we live" - Exhibition in the Historic Orphanage from 27 May to 25 September 2016

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